Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March is certainly leaving with a roar. It is really windy. I've dug up part of my garden as I'm going to have the patio extended. I really wanted a screened porch but because of my roof line, they'd have to take off part of the roof and that scares me. For a few days, I considered moving to a house so I could add a screen room easier. So all the bulbs that I want to keep must come out. Along with the trellis' and the clematis that can't be killed (no kidding, I've been trying for 3 years now to kill this one off with no success - not even roundup works). Of course now I have to find another way to let the cats outside to enjoy the new patio. I may get a big cage so they can go out while I'm at home. Right now one of the cats, Sam, is inside a shopping bag on the floor beside me. He loves that bag for some reason.

Life is never dull. I have a leak in the roof from weekend before last when we got 5 inches of rain. It just showed up in one of the bedrooms. It isn't bad though. But I hate going up in the attic. The insulation makes me sneeze like crazy (yes, even with a mask).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 7 Took out frustrations on 3 crype myrtles. I love my chain saw. They were diseased and had to be removed (they were supposed to be 3 foot high, they were as tall as the house and I planted them too close to the house for trees). I got a new electric chain saw in the fall. This one stops much quicker when you release the level so I was brave enough to wear my sandals. I need to get some steel toed shoes though. Now I have to cut them into smaller lengths and I'll have to use cutters instead of the chain saw - that is really hard work too. Hopefully, I can finish in time for the next trash/recycle pickup this week. If not, I'll be busy over the weekend.

An update on my ant bites, the scars are getting smaller but they are still there. It's getting warm enough to ride my bike again. I'm looking at gazebos again. My little one collapsed in the windy weather earlier this year. I have to put something up since it provided shade for the few shade plants that I have.

I'm still working on moving the 2 bedrooms around. The cats love the extra furniture in the way in the living room (I've only managed to get them from the bedroom to the living room) as it gives them more places to climb and explore. They are getting along fairly well now. Last weekend when I moved the old desk to the porch, both of them managed to get outside. There was a small cat that came in the yard and they were protecting their turf! The only thing funny was me running around trying to get 2 cats that didn't want to be caught. Millie actually got out twice, the second time, she was all the way at the back of the house in the bathroom window and the next thing I knew, there was a white flash out the door (she saw the little cat again) - she was so agitated and tense, it was like picking up an elephant!

My neice visited this weekend from Atlanta. She's working on her doctorate (chemistry I think or maybe microbiology) and still expects to be finished by the end of the year. She's going to a NATO conference for young scientists this summer. This will be her second year to attend.

My nephew is taking law and criminology classes this semester. He really likes them.

I have another nephew who is in a band (but rumor has it that they broke up recently) and he works at a high-end electronics place. He really enjoys working there. I just couldn't stay awake late enough to see this band play anywhere.

I almost forgot! I finally got my Native Texan license tags for the XUV! I was thinking about having a Texas flag painted on top but that would probably get me in trouble with speeding - there are planes in Texas Oklahoma and Arkansas that have radar. They'd be able to pick out the XUV easier with a flag on top. I do try to use the cruise control but that is very boring!