Sunday, August 06, 2006

I can't believe it is so dry. I haven't had rain in quite a while now and the temperature is steady at 98-101. We can use our sprinkler systems 1 day a week. I can use a soaker hose every day for an hour. It is very frustrating because the soaker hose doesn't keep the area 4 feet around the house consistent as did using the sprinkler around the house for 5 minutes a day when the temperature gets over 95. And more frustrating - I am using twice as much water with the soaker hoses and it just isn't working. I don't know what the city is thinking about, they assume because the water bills are higher that we water the lawn more on our 1 day - no way- I'm using all the extra water on the foundation - and it is cracking anyway. The grass is pretty much dead - that's another story. Yes there are people that over water on watering day, but I am one of those that uses water wisely and carefully and am tired of being punished because other people can't do the same.

Scott's Lawn service doesn't check to see when watering day is so they come out, put out chemicals that have to be watered within the next 24-48 hours and they do it on the day AFTER my watering day. They told my neighbor across the street that you have to call them or they will come out whenever they want. So they do my yard the day after watering day and hers the day before watering day. Great Service - so now my grass has burned because I couldn't water for 6 days. I think they should take the word Service out of their name. I am so ready for organics.

But wait - now there is the matter of the grass mowers. I need my grass to be higher so they skip a week as I asked but when they come back the following week, instead of raising the blades, they scalp the front yard. So what was the point of skipping a week? So now I will call and have them skip the front yard until October. It isn't growing anyway thanks to the chemical burns. The sides and back look much better.