Saturday, May 26, 2012

Little Boy Lost

A little boy was riding down the street crying for his mom.  We (my neighbor) watched him go to the end of the street and we commented because he stopped and looked both ways.  Only he didn't go anywhere but kept looking.  So we yelled to ask if he was lost and he was.  He was out riding with his teenaged brother and his brother ditched him.   He was so scared he couldn't tell us anything and he got really scared when I said I would call 911.  But we kept talking to him and how the police would help him.  So I called it in and they said to make sure that even if his family came, to keep them there until they arrived.  He didn't know where he lived nor had a phone number.

We told him stories about brothers and got him to smile and take off his helmet.  I told  him about the time my brother didn't want me to ride his bike so he loosened the thingies that hold the tires on.  So when I was riding with my sister on the back, down a hill, the tire came off and we went flying.  I don't remember any of it until I woke up at home.  A neighbor lady brought us home.  (And now my brother wonders why he is still getting payback - a sister never forgets!!!)

When the police arrived, it was an older office who was really nice and respectful and gentle with his questions.  But the poor little kid was still scared.  The supervisor drove up and he got a description of the older brother (he's my brother and his bike is orange and his name is Chris).  He told us he would go look for the brother while the office took the boy in the patrol car to find his house.   By the then little guy was ready to go home and went straight to the car.  The officer cleaned out the front seat so he could sit in front and off they went (after taking down all my information - i even had to give them my middle name after saying they could only have the initial R). 

Sucks that I won't know how that story ended up. Sure hope all the officers and firefighters and other emergency people have a quiet holiday.

UPDATE:  I wrote the ALLEN PD a note complimenting the officers.  I did get an email back thanking me for letting them know they did something right.  The lady mentioned that her job was mostly dealing with complaints so it was nice to hear something good.  She also gave me the officers names.  I still don't know the outcome and probably never will but thats ok. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Yesterday was Armed Forces Day and the DAR & SAR held a Flag Retirement Ceremony along with the Scouts.  It was hot and windy.  As in I got a wind burn.  Sun screen doesn't help with that.

 Nice ceremony.  The Celine high school choir was there to sing and they did well - the wind did not drown them out. 
I'm sad the picture of the Buffalo Boys didn't come out very well.  They were both very nice.  The tall one received 3 purple hearts but only wears 2 of them.  Why?  Because even though his arm was injured, the soldier next to him lost a leg, therefore, to him, his arm injury wasn't worth was much as the lost leg.  Now that's a real sense of humility.
Special attention was given to a Tuskegee Airman, Buffalo Boys, a Pearl Harbor Survivor and VietNam veterans.  
Homer was part of the Tuskegee Airmen unit. He is a very sweet and gracious man and I think he really enjoyed the ceremony.  Several men had their pictures taken with him.  

One member from each branch was represented. It gets a little personal when you see real live people regardless of their age.  Emotional but not too emotional.  One woman had her father, husband, sons and grandsons & granddaughters in the military at one time or another. 

A tattered flag must be cut in 4 pieces but the blue area with stars can not be cut.  Each piece is rolled up tight and tied.  Then one by one, the pieces go into the fire while Taps is playing.  
 Everyone should go to at least one of these ceremonies.  It isn't publicized enough but probably because there would be protesters that don't recognize that because of those who served, they have the freedom to protest. 

I am so glad I went (I'm a DAR member and we had several DAR chapters there).  It means a lot to me.  I like our country even though it isn't perfect, it is ours.