Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21 2006 Well the saga at work continues. Discovery today is that the off-shore staff won't work more than 40 hours a week, won't be on-call and won't work at night or weekends. All the stuff our folks did all the time. Very frustrating.

The garden is looking nice and I am dividing some plants to move and finally planting all the ones I saved from the area that is now a patio. Some of the daylilies are blooming and they have been in pots since March - and when I say pots I mean I dug them up and threw them in pots and behind plants without planting them. I can't believe they are still alive. While working in a new bed next to the new patio, I managed to dig up my cable modem AGAIN (well it has been about 3-4 years since I did it last). So I taped it up, marked it with rocks and it seems to be working.

I wish it was cool enough so I could finish my motorcycle class. I'm drooling over a new one that I think I want when I finally get my license.

I went to NW Arkansas 2 weekends ago and saw a deer stroll across my brothers back yard. Saw some woodpeckers too. I always see animals I don't normally see when I go up there (remember I am a city kid and generally see animals at the zoo).

I got 29 drops of rain over the weekend that was supposed to be stormy all weekend from Friday to Tuesday. And had plenty of SUN too. I think the old timey weather forecasters did much better than what they do today. So needless to say, I am watering well on the only day I can water due to the water restrictions. But my foundation is cracking anyway. ergggggg