Foodie Trips (Future and Past)

Here is a list of the foodie trip results and a list of those planned for the future.  You may ask when is the future? well,  whenever the mood strikes and others are ready to hit the road!


Bubba's Cooks Country, Dallas, TX

Uptown Cafe, Italy, TX
Whistle Stop Cafe, Decatur, TX
Cattlemen's Steak House, Oklahoma City, OK DDD
Ye Ole Butcher Shop, Plano, TX

Del's Charcoal Burgers, Richardson, TX
Fried Pie Shoppe, Turner Falls, OK
Fried Pie CO & Restaurant, Gainsville, TX

Beth Marie's Old Fashion Ice Cream & Soda Fountain, Denton TX


 Fred's Texas Cafe, Ft Worth, TX DDD **********
     12/17/2011 mmmmmTheBEST

Chuy's ******* 
     many many times & many more future times

Risckys BBQ, Ft Worth, TX ********* 
     the aroma (and food) is just aroma-boggleing 
     (try the chicken fried steak 6/16 #1)

Whole Hog Cafe, Bentonville, AR * 6/11 *****

Deno's Fried Pies, Denison TX & Davis OK **** 10/22/10

Babes Chicken House, Garland, Frisco, Carrollton, Roanoke TX *****
     many many times

The Shed Cafe, Edom TX, **** 9/4/2010

Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Plano TX ** 8/2010 + 10/14/10

Sweetie Pie Ribeyes, Decatur TX, **** 8/21, 9/15, 10/17/2010
      (  note they had a fire and don't do the rosin boiled potatoes anymore. they taste the same though and are great! May 2016)

Twisted Root Burger, Richardson TX, ***** - lots of times DDD

Chef's Point Cafe, Watauga, TX DDD ***** 
     when they say stuffed with crab, they mean stuffed with real crab, all crab and oh so good crab.  and not just a little crab, a whole bunch of crab.  did I mention it was good crab? 10/2014 
Hoffbrau's Steak House ***** one of 2 best chicken fried steaks!  Spring 2016

* to **** depends entirely on my experience - food and service are included in my rankings.  * = won't be back, ***** favorite place with future trips a sure thing! 

DDD = Triple D sites  (Diners, Drive-In's & Dives, Food Network Show)

Some stories are included in the postings on the Home page