Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hail - Spring is here!

First hail storm of the year.  Pea sized.  Came in 2 waves, the first one was mild, but the second one was noisy, loud, hitting windows that never get rain and hit the back door on the patio - and that's in a spot that never gets rain but the wind was blowing like crazy.

Some places were getting golf ball size hail.  Yikes.

The kitties didn't like it. Millie wasn't sure if it was my fault so maybe she should bite me or maybe she should just cuddle for a minute or two.  Sam was staring out the back windows and backing up as though it was going to come inside. 

I sure wish my garage was big enough to get both vehicles in it.

Hope everyone else is safe and dry.

first batch of hail

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Scary Texts

I had just left the train station when I got a text saying a Ft Worth policeman had been shot.  My nephew is a Ft Worth policeman and the text was from my sister.

Well, after almost driving off the road, I pulled over and read the texts.  I missed the first text which said he was ok. There were just enough texts that the first text saying he was ok scrolled up and I didn't see it.

Scary enough for me. 

More scary was that my nephew was in the same class as Matt and they had worked together. 

Matt has 2 little ones and now has 7 bullets shot at him.  One hit his vest, the others hit him.  

He will have lots of surgery and of course, tons of medical bills that won't be covered.

Please pray for him and his family. He sounds like he is a really nice guy.