Friday, January 28, 2011

The picture says it all. 

Good thing I had a late lunch and was full.  The new WalMart in Allen on opening day was a delight.  The parking lot was pretty full but I found a place on the side to park and was prepared to turn around and leave if it was tooo crowded.  It was crowded but the wide aisles help a lot and it is large.  There were lots of check out lanes open (I only had to wait behind 1 person!).  Lots of help walking the floor (yes, I know that doesn't last long but it was a store opening after all) and some were giving out coupons and things (yippee, I got an eye glass cleaner cloth and cleaning fluid!).  I didn't get to the outdoor area though - it will need to be a little bit warmer before I attempt that.

I'm thinking a midnight run to get a basket full of real honest to goodness bacon is in order.  And then have a bacon FB friend Lauri says 'a plate piled high of bacon'.  That really sounds wonderful.  Every time she mentions the plate of bacon, I imagine it a foot taller than what she's thinking.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wow, I've been busy with the cat's blog ( and forgot about this one.

Not much is going on.  I've visited some of the good standby's like Freds Philly Cheesesteaks (Allen), Chuy's and La Hacinda Ranch, Uncle Julio's etc.

Christmas has come and gone.  Snow has come and it better be gone!

It's still too cold to do much in the yard but there are some things that need to be completed before the next fertilizer/weed killer round.  Such as rake up the acorns - I swear there are more acorns in my front yard than there are stars in the sky.  With the new rock border, it's going to be difficult to rake up the garden bed.  I don't worry about leaves since my next door neighbor loves to rack leaves into a big pile and let it sit for the wind to deploy.  I did, however, have the mowers come mow right before Christmas so most of the Texas Red Oak leaves from my tree were gone for a day.

Oh and I need to spray the crape myrtles with the all season oil to get rid of those sticky white critters that love crape myrtles.  And the hole from where the last big clump of monkey grass was dug out (by me, of course, it just took me 2 weeks) that was in front of the gutter downspout.  By the way, all those monkey grass hunks that were dug out need to be loaded up and taken away.  Can you believe that they are still alive even though they haven't been in the ground for about 5 months or more?  LOL  hardy things.

Usually, the dead annuals are left through the winter so the birds have something to nibble on.  They are cleaned up in late March just in case they might want to drop from seeds for me.  It doesn't always look good but it is economical and is one of the few things I'll do to help out the earth.  After all, plants do produce oxygen and I've enjoyed oxygen since I was a baby.

Oh I almost forgot.  The day before the big snowstorm (lol) while it was still warm enough not to have to wear a coat outside, the outside faucet pipe broke at my Mom's house.  It was ancient.  So while waiting on a plumber, my brother suddenly raises his head and asks my sister in law to check the bedroom on the other side of the wall.  I walked in the front door and whoa - Lake Jerean was in the front entry, well, I guess technically, being as how this was in Texas, it was just a small pond.  None the less, it was over an inch deep and the water was in the bedroom, down the hall and living room.  What fun!  We couldn't turn off the water at the street so called the city and Denison sent out a fire truck and a small truck.  Just as they pulled up, the water was shut off with the help of a neighbor's tool.  So we spent the rest of the afternoon pulling up carpet and pad - it was going to be so cold that we didn't want it in the house and have Mom get sick.   So now the search for the new carpet begins (I guess I should say it's more than a search as it will be a darn hard project.

Carpet removal is fun!  NOT

Alan and the Denison Fire Truck