Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cranky Jackson is sooo cute!

Jackson came and gets to stay in Texas 2 whole weeks.  I saw him last Saturday and again today.  Both times we went to my mom's house so she could see him too.  
 He's such a cutie.  Jackson doesn't like to be still though.  When his mom was pregnant, she kept running every day for a long time.  So he likes to bounce around and giggle.

He was grouchy today though.  He'd smile for a minute or two and go back to being grouchy.  I think he wants to stay in Texas. 

My nephew went with us today.  He's engaged and getting married in July.  He's so happy and he always has this silly grin on his face now.  

My other nephew is engaged and getting married probably in August this year.  He gets a ready made family and I've meet the youngest.  She just turned 7 and is pretty fun.  She's all girl.

Well, I'd better go get ready for the snow flakes that are scheduled to appear tomorrow.  Seems very unlikely right now since the sun is soooo warm if you stay out of the wind.

Winter in Texas

70 - 24 - 68 - 28 - 73 - 40 - 72 - 23

Recognize those numbers? That's the high temperatures for winter in Texas.  One day is hot and the next day is really really cold.  And when we have really hot weather in Jan, it's usually followed by ice and horrendous cold.   ok ok horrendous cold for here!

My daffodils are out and I didn't see that they had even come out of the ground.  I was going to the mailbox and they just magically appeared.  There's one hyacinth and it looks funny because the stem is so short - as in almost non-existent. 

I just came back inside - it's 48 but the real feel is 68.  Mr Sun feels so darn good.  Especially since he only visits for short periods of time in the winter.