Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksiving Everyone!

I hope you have a beautiful day today. 
 Grateful Millie shared my home. Sure do miss her. 
Goofy Sam

With some fun of course!
I am very blessed and grateful for everything I have (and some things that I don't have too).  

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Well, it's over now...

No matter who you voted for or why, we have a new president. It may be hard to express opinions without hate and name calling but children are watching and learning. Discussion is healthy but what I've seen pre-election is not. Expressing fear and disappointment is valid. Please show everyone respect so we don't forget what respect and maturity are and the value of moving forward when events don't go your way. And the value of moving on. It's ok to disagree and show disappointment but for heavens sake, be an adult and a leader for our next generations. Please feel free to block or delete me if that adds a bit of joy to you today

Above is my Facebook post this morning.  No not Sam, above Sam!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election Day is finally here and you know what that means.....

Sam - ignoring the world

It means I won't watch any TV tonight but I will read a book - you know, the old fashioned paper kind that you manually turn pages and don't get sea sick if you turn the page too fast?

I won't listen to the radio but I will listen to my iPod.

I will not open Facebook for fear I might have to torture ( as in the tease and prank kind of torture) some of my friends that want to kill those whose opinions do not exactly match theirs.

I will check after the election is over and ask friends if they have purchased their tickets to leave the country yet.

I will play with Sam (the cat).

I might even go to bed early.

Anything to avoid all the stupidity.

And yes, I voted. I voted the first day of early voting in Texas.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

National Cat Day? Every day is a holiday for my cat!

Sam is not interested in National Cat Day at all.

 Every day is a holiday for him

He is funny and loves to sleep

He likes to chase rabbits in the back yard when we go outside