Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why kids should wear sunscreen

It can take 20+ years before it decides to appear as basal cell carcinoma.  This is the good one?  This is what a pin head bump can turn into. I've used sunscreen since I was in my early twenties, wear hats when in the sun a lot, and stay out of the sun.  Oh, and I have window tint on the car that keeps the UV rays out (that's my arm protection).  

I may have to change my screen name to Frankencarla.

Since I forgot today is St Patrick's Day, here's tribute
 to watch and giggle.  Thanks for the reminder Diane @ theblueridgegal

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Texas Indepedence Day

Today is Texas Independence Day.  

 Celebrate and have fun!
This is how I grew up learning the size of Texas.  It still is.  And I even have a pin similar to this that I wore on business trips to England.

Thanks to Vicki at Sand Flat Farms for the pictures! 

CELEBRATE!    click for the