Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wet Stuff and Dreams

The Alley River
Yipee we got enough rain to delay Stage 4 water restrictions until June!! Almost 4" in my rain gauge. 

End of French Drain Locator
 The ground feels nice and squishy.  

A few years ago
Even though it is cold, Spring Fever is just around the corner. 

This is what I would like to see again this summer but am putting on my big girl panties knowing it probably won't happen with Stage 3 or 4 restrictions.  And knowing the city will take the most harsh option because that's they way they are?? 

Texas Bird of Paradise Tree

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My, Haven't Things Changed?

I"m allergic to real evergreen trees so we had to get the aluminum tree
 It's fun to go through old photos and listen or read about the olden times.  I'm sure the young ones today are appalled that we grew up without iPhones and iPads and iPods and other such stuff (hey, I can't live without all my iP's either but I remember the olden days).
My grandmother's Aunt, grandmother Minnie, me (no iPhone), Mom

I'm sure they all have on hose and heels.  My grandmother wore dresses, hose and heels until she died.  We tried to get her to wear slacks a few times but I think she would wear them once just to keep us quiet.  
Mom, her Mom, her sister Lyda, brother Louis, her Dad, her brother Marvin
I still laugh every time hear the term 'olden days'.  Many years I was telling my young niece about how we went for drives on Sunday afternoon as a family, eating popcorn and watching tv Saturday night and waiting for H-A-double R-I-gan to start and Bonanza to end because my grandma and grandpa would call and we would get to talk with them.  She replied 'but that was in the olden days'.  Well, at least she still likes family history so she'll get a bunch of stuff one of these days.  Along with her brother and cousin who also like the olden days.

Mom in high school - I'm assuming it was a play or for Halloween!
Mom and I recently joined DAR - Daughters of the American Revolution thanks to some family historians.  It seems some of my ancestors enjoyed the history searches too.  Henry Hart is our ancestor from the American Revolution.  There are some more but that will require some more research, lots of paperwork and money and fun. 

Dad's parents
 Thanks to a new to me blog with a Vintage Twist, I may start a new blog dedicated to family history and research. It's always nice to see someone else with an interest in history.  Thanks Amy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twist and Shout

 Skid marks on the kitchen floor!  Ugh.   

Sam got in my way and I stepped on him accidentally.  He screams and runs.  I scream and turn hitting the oven and twisting to keep left arm protected (another set of stories), hit the pantry and went down on the left side.  First concern was Sam but he ran off.  Tears of pain rolling down my face and Millie comes in to check things out and to lick off the tears.  

I manage to get up and spy Sam in the dining room door.  As I try to check him, he dashes to the bedroom and slinks under the bed.  I couldn't get him out to check him over - he's so thin right now that you can feel his spine when you pet him and I worry that he might be hurt.  

He came out eventually and he's ok.  By meal time (and his shot time) he was shouting for his canned food treat. 

When I finally get brave enough to go back to kitchen, I discovered little miss Millie tore the recipe off the cabinet door and tried to eat it.   The cookies were good.
Helmet is so shiny it's hard to see all the cracks and scratches from the last wreck.

My friends are threatening to wrap me in bubble wrap... but I say, if they do, then I can go motorcycling again. They also suggested wearing the helmet inside.  Not likely to happen.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dang It! I'm Trying to Get Some Sleep

Ok Ok - I'll let you get back to your nap!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

AIrplane Plants Jump Out of Vases!

Just how do the Airplane plants jump out of vases?
Need I say more?
...and just look at those fangs!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ahhhh The New Year Brings Changes....

 What happened?  It was nice outside in the mornings and I was back to thinking Winter might JUST be ok when BAM! The cold didn't creep in at all, it just took over.  The wind yesterday made it seem like it was in the 20's or lower.  My feet were so cold I covered them with my coat while getting my teeth cleaned yesterday!   Brrrrr.  In case you can't tell, I do not like cold weather at all.
Small picture in case you have Smell-O-Vision! 
 A heater under my desk to keep my toes warm.  This corner desk generates cold air - no wonder Millie doesn't sleep by my feet anymore while I'm working.

All my pansies and violas are planted in spite of Millie and Sam trying to eat them all before I got them in the ground.  Yes, you read that correctly - even Millie got into the act although I think she wasn't too impressed.

We are going to a new vet this afternoon.  She is as close as the other vet and will write a prescription for diabetic cat food so Sam & Millie don't run out of food again.  Thank goodness that PetSmart allowed me to buy some once I explained the situation. 
We won't go into the reason why the other vet is now the other vet because it makes my blood pressure shoot up like oil from a new oil well.  And yes, letters are being written and the cats' blog will now list the new vet as their favorite.  Well, I hope she is their favorite - I guess I'll be finding out soon enough.  The new place only works with cats so hopefully Millie and Sam won't disown me as they get their annual exams and Sam gets his diabetes checked out.  We just found out about the diabetes before Christmas.

But my feet are still COLD.