Friday, October 12, 2012


One of these days I'm going to get in trouble.  I can't help myself.

In the afternoons, I take the train from work to the train station.  The train takes about 35 minutes.  Most of the time I get to sit all the way but on occasion I have to stand for a few stops.

at least he had one 2 pair of underpants

While I try to catch up on email, FB and the news most of the time, sometimes I just get bored so I start looking around and watching.  And then, there are those times when I can't help but watch no matter how hard I try to just stare at my iPhone.

Droopy drawers.  I've seen far too many men's undershorts....on the train.  They wiggle and the pants droop some more.  Then watching them holding up their pants, well, now, that is just downright funny.

Really, I do try not to snicker, giggle or stare.  But sometimes it is just impossible.  And to watch them dance their way off the train and try to use the stairs.  And many times, it's hard to tell what they are holding so I don't know if the train police should be contacted in case the very next bump exposes more than I want to see on a train.


Normal vs droopy?  and which one would you pick????

I always wonder what their grandmothers would think of the way they partially dress themselves!  And why is this still considered 'cool'?   I wouldn't hire one to work in my yard because of the liability.


Well, as you can tell, this has been a l.o.n.g week.   I'm glad to be done with it.

Hope you have a great weekend

UPDATE:  I see I forgot to to add the photos -  these aren't the worst I saw but with these photos, I wasn't snickering and giggling.  It's hard to take photos when you're laughing.  Now that it is colder outside, droopy drawers seem to stay up.  A friend at work told me that DART considers this offensive and will make them get off the train.  

Friday, October 05, 2012

Dear Pizza Hut...

I am so tired.  Why do you insist on deciding what I want to do and how I should do it?

Just because I'm on my iPad, that doesn't mean I want your app.  And when I select 'Go to Full Website' guess what?  I expect to reach your full website, not your app. The same thing happens on my iPhone.

And why do I have to order in order to see the menu? 

And why did it take me 15 minutes to get through the 'Contact Us' menus because you pre-selected what I could even contact you about?  And why do I have to select a store when this issue is clearly a corporate issue and not a store issue?

And why is the email response so darn wishy-washy?  It's the poorest excuse.  In fact, all it did was increase my irritation that has now escalated to 'another place to avoid for the next 10 years'.

Did you assume you are the only pizza place?   I can assure you that you are not and in fact, you are the second on my list!  But I was looking for a change tonight.  And now I know why it's been so long since I ordered from you.  I remember now, and guess what?  I bet it is a loooong time before I do it again.

I am techie savvy.  I get the latest.  I work in IT.  I am not afraid of Change because that is how I make my living.  I can't exist for long without my trusty iPhone at my side.  I'm all for technology but it shouldn't be the only way to do things.  My mom (85+) uses her PC all the time.  My dad (87+) did until he went to the nursing home (and he misses it).  But your current means of ordering a pizza means my mom won't be ordering any.  And yes, she does like pizza and she can't get Crazy Tomato delivery where she lives.  

Oh, and what's worse than being irritated?  Had I been connecting with a live human, I would have thought 'Oh it's Friday and everyone is tired' and then not given it a second thought. 

Too bad - so sad.

Yours truly,
One really really irritated customer

Monday, October 01, 2012

Yikes ! Cleaning out the freezer...who knew....

that the little fridge held that much stuff!  I kept pulling out tilapia and corn and flour and chicken and sugar.  LOL  4 bags full.  I can't believe all that was packed in there.  My huge trash can is almost full - I'm sure hoping I tied all the garbage bags really really good so when the trash truck comes that the bags don't break. 

On the coldest setting, the fridge is 36 degrees.  The fridge is barely cool. 

I hate wasting food.  If I'd caught it in time, I could have cooked most everything and had everyone come over to eat.  Or I could have put it in the ancient fridge that is in the garage and is a bazillion years old and still works fine.   Oh well. 

Yes, my Christmas present this year is a new refrigerator.  Side by side.  I was very lucky, there was only 1 in all of storedoms that would fit in the spot and lucky me, it came in bisque.  Whoever built this house was a .... well.... how should I put it politely?   Oh, how about a young only eats out never has fresh and frozen foods and only needed a teeny tiny refrigerator!  I guess in another 10 years, I'll have to have one custom made or wlll have to completely redo the kitchen to get a normal sized fridge!

It comes this weekend.  Of course, since no one else in the world hates black and stainless like I do, the bisque has to come from the warehouse and takes a week.  I wasn't about to ask where the warehouse was either!

Take care