Saturday, February 25, 2012

Crepe Murderer Caught in the Act

  It's THAT time of year again.  Crepe Murder.  I just don't get it... well, I sorta understsand because it was started by landscapers to generate some money during a non-income time of year for them.   And that service was grabbed up by those that planted the wrong type of crepe myrtle - too tall usually and yes I know the homebuilders love to plant tall trees next to the foundation because it looks good.  But it isn't necessary and does more harm than good.

Basically, it makes my eyes hurt when I see it.  One year, people in my neighborhood receive the Crepe Murder article from Southern Living in the mail...anonymously of course.  I didn't get one though.  I felt left out.

Bring out the kleenix!
Trim NOT murder and buy the right size - READ the label (unless of course, the plant is mismarked as even I have discovered several years too late!).  It's hard but it is better to dig it out and start over with something appropriate.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sun is Out!

Oh how I've enjoyed the rain.   We got another inch of badly needed rain.  And it was a slow rain too.  Of course that means it is too wet to pull weeds. 
 The daffodils are up - this was taken yesterday in the rain.

I may just have to walk around the block with my camera to see what else an early Spring has sprung.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart Day

 Happy Tuesday 
Ignore the dishes in the sink
I've never ever seen both cats sunning in this window at the same time
Sam isn't allowed here
as it is supposed to be Millie's safe haven
I use a lot of cleaner in this area
so a little more 
is worth the peace
and sunning tummies
Millie dressed up today 
wore her favorite hat toy

Sam is trying to figure out
how to climb the walls
he's seen me climb the walls?

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Apparently someone is bored.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

This morning was very interesting.  First thing in the morning is feeding the cats,  checking Sam's glucose levels and giving him a shot.  

 Walking into the kitchen I find torn aluminum foil (I prefer the British way to pronounce it -al-ah-min-e-m) torn into pieces on the floor.  Evidently, I left a piece somewhere in the kitchen last night.

Then I see an airplane plant out of water.....again.  This plant may never make it to the dirt stage of its life.

When I look up, I see that some hearts have escaped their holder.  Wonder how that happened.  I guess someone (that would be Millie) decided they weren't food.

Things got mighty active in the kitchen last night.

Guess the kitties aren't liking the new feeding schedule.  Sam is on prescription food and he loves the canned stuff.  And I can't/won't leave it out all the time.  He inhales it.  Millie likes her non-prescription canned food .....  finally! 

I leave out a little of the prescription dry food but I'm trying to get them away from grazing all day.  But Sam hasn't gained enough weight back (He lost 10 lbs).  And Millie gained weight from the prescription dry food.

Sam is more aggressive or maybe because he's thinner, he can actually catch Millie now that she's gained weight.  Lot's of hissing and growling going on around here.  Oh.  Wait, that's when Sam realizes the 'special' treat was just to get him in place to stab his ear for blood!   LOL.   He does pretty darn good until he sees the glucose meter and shakes his head and the blood.  I need a HazMat suit for this. 

And I've discovered how vocal BOTH of them can be.  At first, Millie ignored all the antics.  Now she's joined it. 

So every single time I get a bowl, grab a spoon, or open the fridge door, Sam appears and he follows my every move just in case he might be getting some food.  And Millie joins in at meal time.  In fact, she now appears on the couch about 30 minutes prior to each and every bloodletting activity.  I think she really enjoys hearing Sam squeal and watching him restrained (well sort of) and trying to escape.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lost Camera and Other Such Goodies

 Oh my... I couldn't find my camera for a few days.  I put it away from the kitties so they wouldn't play with the straps and forgot where I hid it! 

The yard is starting to spring foward earlier than usual this year. 

So surprised to see this sunny little fellow.  More are about to burst open!

 Little tiny flowers can give a boost on a dreary day. 

 I was downright shocked to see these gems blooming.  

A nap in the sun is even better when it's an outdoor nap. 

Yes, February and the windows are open.  Sometimes those 70+ days in January come back to haunt with a horrible February.  Doesn't look like that will happen this year.  YEA!