Sunday, May 05, 2013

Crazy Weather for a Funeral

As I mentioned before, we decided to wait to have graveside services for Dad in April so it wouldn't be so cold.  It would also be easier for his brother Bert to attend. 

Well, the well laid plans of mice and men go straight to the toilet sometimes and this was one of them as far as the weather went that day.
It was warm all that week but the day of the service,  Clouds, an unexpected temperature drop, wind, rain and just down right freezing cold weather (yes, the wind chill was in the 30's that day).

The service was respectful, haunting, and meaningful for us. 

The Air Force provided the military flag ceremony.  Dad was in the Army during WWII and later in the Air Force.   I decided the flag should go directly to my nephew instead of me.  That was so nice.  The unfolding and folding of the flag was heartbreaking and proud at the same time.  Many of Dad's problems in later years were directly related to his experiences in WWII.  He still carried shrapnel in his back from being shot by a German tank.  At the time, it was the largest tank in the world. While he didn't lose his life during the war, he suffered the after horrors and he certainly paid the price for our freedom.
The bugle was just haunting in the setting that day.  Absolutely beautiful.   
 We were able to laugh though, at the weather (I swear it was warmer in December that it was on this day), and when filling up the vault (he was cremated) and they had a hard time getting a garden ornament to bend (it was an twisty thing with the stars and stripes).  

Bye, Dad.  Love you.  See you later.