Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh my. How did I get so busy that I haven't posted in so long? SO much rain that I'm just now finishing up spring cleaning in the yard. Used the sprinkler system only for about 3 weeks this year. And of course, when it got hot so quick (well it seemed that way because of all the rain in June and July) I had to garden in the middle of the night (note: one way to get back at noisy neighbors is to go traipsing through the yard at night and tripping over things you can't see so well - another note: don't walk and carry sharp objects in the dark).

My nephew went to Australia and New Zealand over the summer to plant trees. He had a lot of fun but lost a lot of weight and it was really cold there at times - 1 place where they were supposed to stay had frozen pipes and no running water so they got to stay in a pub that week - the good news was that they could eat well there. Now he's in Hong Kong taking a semester at a university there. He'll be back in time for Christmas.

My niece got her doctorate and has moved to Washington DC to work as a chemist for a legal firm. She'll be going to law school next year (funny, I could have sworn she said she finally was tired of school). She has a huge flat - a whole 400 square feet that is twice the cost of my house that is 4 times larger. I just don't know where she puts all her clothes and shoes.

Her brother is still working mostly in town; loving what he does. I think that is so cool for someone that young.

The cats have been allowed to have supervised visits in the back yard so they will get some much needed exercise. They are so funny. Millie comes back in the house to use the litter box. She's much better at hunting than Sam but then Sam has never really been outside so while he acts like the big hunter, he doesn't know how to act when there is something there. Millie had to teach him to make noise (he squeeks like a girl) so maybe he'll figure it out. He likes to go back inside after about 10 minutes if it is too hot.