Sunday, February 21, 2016

Income Taxes remind me of work darn it!

I work for a small size publicly traded company.  You know what I mean... SOX.  And audits.

But where I work, in IT, we are audited about 11 months out of the year.  Interim I, Interim II and Year-end (aka rollover) audits.  We are so lucky that our audits combine SOX, operational and any other kind of audit that our internal auditors desire...sigh. 

And of course, in my job description, audits fall under the last line that states '..and anything else we ask you do during the course of your activity..'.  Even during the week of Christmas, the auditors kept asking us to call in resources that were on vacation because they needed to look at something. For the past 3 weeks, it has been non-stop.  And I don't mean just me either, a co-worker, our boss and his boss along with the other IT senior leadership members.  And yes, people on vacation were called in to provide information. In fact, we had an auditor at 11:43pm request an immediate meeting with some of our infrastructure managers.  LOL   

I haven't had a day off in a while because weekends are just working days for auditors and that's how they collect their money.  Going down rabbit holes that we told them up front were wasted time (we haven't missed one yet). We are transparent and they like working with us, or so they say.  The external auditors even sent us a giant cookie when they thought they were done. 

So I am about to start working on my income taxes and all I can think of is work.  and auditors. and time lost for nothing. and in this electronic age should be much easier than it is.


see you when I get done.....

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Update on Sam

Sam is doing much better. The tremors are gone and he can jump much better now. 

He actually got in the rocking chair by himself and he started talking when I mentioned breakfast. He hasn't done that for a while. He likes to oversee the breakfast and dinner preparations in case I forget something for either he or Millie.  

Millie has been much more active and took his place a few days in the kitchen. She didn't get up in the rocking chair but she did all the talking.  And she has decided that just because he is in my lap or on my leg doesn't mean she can't strut over and take his old spot on top of the recliner!  It's been funny to watch. 

Monday, February 08, 2016

Poor Sam

Sam had a little stroke. He was really wobbly, couldn't jump, when he was sitting or lying down, he was listing to one side.  It's the old cat hind legs thing that is also not helping. 

When I took him to the vet, his blood sugar was really high too.  He couldn't walk very far.

He is better now and can jump about 8 inches so I help him when I know he wants up in the chair with me. Ladders are placed next to other things to help him.  He's not listing and bobbing around like he was either.

He loves the rocking chair in the kitchen (it's just there temporarily) and waits there while I fix their breakfast or dinner.  So now he can get up there using a little step ladder.  

He's still pooping (thank goodness the diarrhea is over). He can make it to the food and litter boxes. Oh and water too.

The vet says he isn't in pain and his hind paws are warm so blood is flowing there ok.  For an 11 diabetic cat, he is considered old. So he will finish life comfortably as I can make him and hopefully, he will be around a long time. 

The other thing - Millie.  She knows he isn't feeling well so she isn't hissing at him like normal. In fact, he can get pretty close and she looks like she is about to hiss but she doesn't.  That's the other reason I know he is still sick.

He has improved and he gets just 1 unit of insulin twice a day now. And now he seems to enjoy his canned food better than the dry. Both are prescription food for diabetic cats.  Millie isn't diabetic so her canned food is for indoor cats.