Saturday, June 05, 2010


Oh my gosh.  It's hot.

I'm still cleaning up the garden beds since I missed yard work since April 2009 due to the 'Great Scooter Events of 2009'  LOL  I still think there are weeds coming in with the dirt and mulch though.  I've been working in the mornings until about 9:30 or 10.  

and then job searching the rest of the day.

I'm excavating some overgrown monkey grass.  It's the varigated kind and I love it but it has just gotten too big and isn't allowing enough water and air to circulate around the other plants it wants to smother!  Each one is about 2" wide and deep.  That is going to be a lot of filler dirt.  Since this is clay, using water makes it workable.  But I got so muddy this morning that it wasn't funny - I was worried that even after washing off outside that I'd clog the drains.  I got several of the pieces to the side of the house and started on the remaining 2 before I gave up this morning around 8ish.  It was just too hot.  May have to start gardening in the dark.  The titanium elbow has been a big help???

Also trying to pare down the house clutter.  And yeah! the handyman is coming back to install closet doors that have to be cut to size, change faucets in the master bathroom and caulk the master shower (I still have problems getting up off the floor with the left arm).

Also started walking 3x a week.  Between 1-2 miles.  early in the morning at 6:30am.  The Nike+ isn't tracking the mileage very well but the new iPhone app that I got is great!  It even maps the route walked!  But I can't stop and take picture with it while walking.  I think it tracks walks like the Nike+.   I'm so happy that at least I feel like doing something.

still hot....