Saturday, August 01, 2015


Wow! I caught the stomach virus going around.  I thought I wasn't going to survive for a while. Managed to get dehydrated - almost enough to end up in the hospital.  Dr was laughing because he's seen more this week and at the tail end of last week than he's seen in a few years.  Also a few cases of the after effects of the food that is being recalled (not food poisoning but the other stuff) and some of the problems after coming back from vacation from swimming in warm water with bacteria.  Said he felt like it was an onslaught.  

for me, it was an onslaught - I've never been in the bathroom so much in my life.

I knew I must have been sick last Sunday night because I turned the a/c down to 78 which is something  I don't do often.

Kitties were patient (well, sort of).  Sam stayed by my side the whole time. It was kinda funny to see - he stopped walking me to the bathroom after the first hundred or so times!

Sad thing is that besides missing work all week, I haven't been able to go see my newest family member.  Cooper was born on Thursday.  He is absolutely adorable.  He is going to be one onery little one - besides being late, he didn't want to be induced and he ended up coming out through a c-section.  Everyone is doing well and should go home this weekend!  I will wait to see him next week since this junk I had is so contagious.

Feeling much better.

It's still hot 

and I can't wait to hold and love on Cooper!