Monday, July 22, 2013

Trimming Trees and blocking alleys

A Friday morning meeting runs late so I dashed out of the house, into the car and backed into the alley only to discover I was blocked.  From both directions.  Called the physical therapist who was not happy at all and since he can hurt me (really, I am serious, he does it every single time I go), I ran back out and asked them to move one way or another.  The utility workers were great but the other guys were just not going to move.  I had to point to the lovely scar on my knee but they finally agreed but they weren't all working together to get it done.  

Finally, they pulled one long set of trucks up and guided me out.  Whew!   Physical therapy done!

I parked in the front when I got home so I didn't have to mess with them.  

So when I went walking on Saturday morning, it was dark and there were lots of small wood pieces in the alley.  hmmmm  that's really strange.  

Later, I drove off to the store for something that turned out to be a disaster and parked in the back.  I discovered that one set of those trucks was a tree trimming company (this was the set of trucks that would not move).  My next door neighbor from the north that wanted to live in a forest, planted a bazillion trees (some with those lovely knees that are in my yard and I trip over them) and love to water their weeds all year long until the city forced everyone to water one day a week.... oh dear.  Anyway, they cut down 5 of their 6 tree crepe myrtles that lined their back fence leaving the lone crepe myrtle undercut to the point that it looks funny.  Not crepe murder but it really looks bad.  Then they also had their 2 bald cypress' undercut .... a lot.  And they had some trees removed from their front yard.  They must be getting ready to move.  Their back yard must be going into shock about now. Parts of their yard haven't seen the sun since before I moved here 14.5 years ago!!!!!


Maybe my oleander will be able to stand up tall instead of having to lean to get some sun?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What a Face!

So little grand-nephew has beaten his dad!  Just look at that little face.  While it goes with the photo, it doesn't go with his normal funny giggling little boy.
so cute!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Frying Eggs Outside

I remember as a kid trying to fry eggs outside on the sidewalk.  They came out more like scrambled eggs. 

It's that hot here too.  Yesterday as I was leaving work, there's a shuttle bus that is supposed to take you to the other side of 75 to get to the train station when the CityPlace elevators are broken.  Yes, I said supposed.   I waited outside for about 20 minutes with my walker before I headed back inside because it was so darn hot.  I called Dart, and the nice lady said 'There's supposed to be a shuttle bus running to help you walking impaired people'.  Where was the shuttle bus?  So I go outside and see a bus across 75 sitting there as it had been for the previous 20 minutes.  

It was hot.  I was not happy.  So I eyeballed it and decided I would walk it.  So down to Haskell Ave, turn right to walk across the highway and hoped and prayed no one would be shocked to see a pedestrian at 4:30 in the afternoon on such a hot day and then run over me.  I made it across ok then had to walk an equal distance until I was directly across from CityPlace. 
View from the shuttle bus in the morning!  That's CityPlace in the distance.
LOL by then I was really really hot and irritated.  And yes, the shuttle bus hadn't moved an inch and there wasn't a second shuttle bus either.  Maybe the driver was too hot and decided to take a nap. 

Down the elevators I go and thank the stars the right train was the next train to come through.  I followed a guy in a wheelchair onto the train and it was full.  But, a nice young lady gave me her seat.  I sure was appreciative and said thank you several times.  I felt like the egg on the sidewalk.

I'll sure be glad when I don't feel like I need the walker to ride the train anymore.   The knee is moving well but I'm just impatient.  Today at therapy, the therapist was able to straighten the knee almost all the way down to the table (I'm still not sure my knee ever straightened that far even as a kid!).

Hope you have a great cool weekend.  And pray for some rain!