Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yes, Sam sleeps face down when he's tired

Oh my, after the ice storm, we have 70 degree weather.  The good news is that my toes are finally thawed.
I was able to sneak out of work early Friday (mind you, my version of sneaking out is to tell my boss that I'm leaving early to warm my toes before the next batch of ice arrives) and the train I caught took me part way to the end station.  I left early enough (about 2pm) that the Orange line only goes half way.  So, my fellow travelers and I got dumped out into the partly cloudy but warm train station.   I've had to do this once or twice before - even once when it was below freezing - the train broke that time and we had to wait a longer than normal amount of time as the other trains passing through were packed like sardines.  Oh, back to this story:  we only had to wait 8 minutes but it was so nice to be outside in the warmth.  
 And  Saturday.  What can I say?  It was nice and sunny.  That's it.  That's all that needs to be said.  
Well,  actually my brother and sil decided to go up to my Mom's a day early.  We put away all her Christmas decorations.   and put away.   found some more and put away even some more.  After lunch, we kept finding small things so we kept putting it away.   
For such a small house, she has more closets and storage than I do.  I sure would like a big closet where boxes and tubs can be stored for those things that just don't need to be in the attic where it alternately freezes and heats to a thousand degrees in the summer.    I do exaggerate a tad, but I'm a native Texas so it's in my DNA. 
This is what Millie dreams about
She has real dirt in her yard - I have clay.  But the only advantage I have is that gophers don't tunnel through clay.  
Got to go now so I can enjoy the weather we are supposed to have today.  When we get nice 70 degree weather in January, we frequently get a bunch of ice in Feb.  And I mean a bunch.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Hmmmm... no words of wisdom for the new year.  
Hope it is a good year for everyone.
Hope it brings more smiles and good deeds and good health.