Saturday, September 08, 2012

Winter has arrived in North Texas!

Millie enjoying the warm sun back in Feb!

 It is freezing outside.  Where are my winter clothes?  More importantly - where are my shoes?  LOL  I know where my shoes and socks are because it's been so cold at work.  I'm on the 35th floor and since heat rises I guess they are trying to keep the lower floors cool when it is 100+ outside.   Oh well.
Sam thinks he's hiding
  I overslept this morning.  The kitties didn't wake me up for their breakfast and the nurses at the temporary place where my dad is staying didn't call me at 4 to tell me he fell and was taken to the ER.  This would have been the third day in a row!

This will be a GREAT day!   Well,  as soon as I find some jeans since I won't be wearing shorts today.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Shoo! Go Away Charlie Horse

Oh man I've had Charlie Horses before but by golly, not in both legs at the same time and then repeatedly in one.  My goodness.  5 hours later and I'm still limping.  Stretching didn't help, neither did rubbing it or attempting to stand.  

Yikes!  Stay away.

Happy Labor Day!