Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Buzy Bee

Time flies whether you are having fun or not!  Since I posted last, we've had summer, winter, fall and spring.  And of course, the weather people don't have a clue.  I think they need to step outside once in a while
I'm catching up on Duck Dynasty.   I enjoy that show.
Stayed home to work today so the heat and a/c could have the winter check.  Asked about the master bedroom being so much colder in the winter and since I've already added a heat register, another outlet is in order.   So they will be back next week.  While testing, he turned up the heat and it was really nice and warm in the office.
We've done our job at work so well, that my department is dissolving.  We (there are 4 of us) came in to add some processes to an organization that expands through acquisition and they never learned how to wean away from all the various applications.
My sister and I went to Milsap over the weekend.  We still had some of dad's ashes to put with his second wife who is buried in Milsap.  A very peaceful old cemetery.  On the way back, we stopped at Riscky's and oh my my my.   This was the one in the old stockyards.  The aroma was absolutely stupendous.  It's one of the new bbq places where the meat is wonderful without adding sauce.  And the Texas Fries (they add grilled onions and jalapenos) were wonderful.  I had to bring about half of the fries home.  I used the grilled onions and jalapenos in the soup I made later in the day.

It's weird but going to Ft Worth is always like going home.  I was born there of course.  Fort Worth is where the west begins!  I'm thankful to be a real live native Texan (my sister and the oldest brother were born in Kansas - boo hoo for them I say) and my youngest brother and I are natives.    It was funny when my niece was in preschool or kindergarten and loved the Wizard of Oz - she was so excited that her dad was born in Kansas. 

I think my cats have already gone through the time change.  They are driving me nuts as they exclaim all the time that I am not feeding them on time!