Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ants con't
So the pest guy comes out yesterday and sprays inside with something that they will eat and take back to the nest.  But you can't kill ants for 5 days to allow time for the nest to die.  He sprayed outside too.

In the mean time, last night I notice that the ants are traveling through the hollow metal parts of the shower.  I'm watching and trying not to kill but ants... ugh.  

He does mention that he may have to cut a hole in the closet next to the shower if the ants are living under the shower.  fat chance.   I don't have the money to repair that kind of closet damage properly.  

Speaking of the closet next to the shower, why woudn't a builder go ahead and spend 5 extra bucks to put in an opening behind the shower for plumbing problems?  It's in the closet for heaven's sake.   I hope they make builders live in houses they've built for at least a year.  An the silly architects too.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hi ho hi ho it's not off to the surgeon I go....

Yahoo.   No more orthopedic surgeon visits.  No more physical therapy.  I'm done.  I just have to ease back into doing things like I used to (well, all except the falling of the motorscooter part).   They even gave me a t-shirt.  so funny.  I'm sure both offices are having parties to celebrate getting rid of me - I've been going to both since Sept 2009!.

Just knowing I don't have to go anymore is a big morale booster.  yea.  sis boom ba!

However, none of this would be possible without many thanks to Dr Robert Berry at Team Orthopedics and Matt and staff at the Peak Physical Therapy in McKinney for being so nice, helpful and supportive.

And a great big thank you to Alan, Marijan, Craig, Layne, Wende and Bill for helping me do things and getting me around.  I know Alan is thrilled to stop doing kitty litter duty but Sam really does miss Alan. Of course, I miss Sam going in to mess up (but not use) the litter box within 5 minutes of Alan's careful leveling it out after having cleaned it out.  And thanks to facebook for keeping me sane and able to stay in touch with everyone during my recoveries.  All the offers of help were greatly appreciated.  I'm a very lucky gal.

Monday, April 26, 2010


So the most intelligent man in the world says that aliens may hurt us.  Well, duh.  It didn't take the most intelligent man to figure that one out.  If there are other cultures and life beyond this earth, then there's bound to be more than one species of aliens.  And who can say what the state of their culture is?  Some may be more advanced -  especially if they manage to get here - and some may not be as advanced.  I'll save the discussion on civilized or not for another blog.

Even as a child, it seemed strange that in the movies, when aliens came, our military thinks we can outpower them.  If they got here, then they can probably destroy us.  so what?

Another thing about outer space movies that I saw as a child,  why were the aliens always portrayed as peaceful, or lived in pure white clean antiseptic worlds?  Why would we think or assume that just because the aliens made a trip to the earth, that they were better than us?  or they could provide a better life for us?   We all come from the same God.

And don't forget the Twilight Zone movie where everyone made the same stupid assumptions and got on the spaceships to go to a better place only to discover that the 'golden book of life' was really a cookbook with humans as an ingredient.  No wonder they were fed so well on the trip.  ha

Sometimes I wonder about humanity and the ability to think on one's own versus sheep group think where you follow without knowing anything.

I seem to always forget that my drier yard attracts all the ants that would drown otherwise in my neighbors yard.

So as I'm getting ready for bed last night, a glance down at the tub in the master bathroom looks suspiciously dirty.   Oh, the 'dirt' is moving!  Yikes!   it's ants.  I follow the trail to an orchid pot, lift it up and there is the ant baby factory.  A few shrieks, a can of RAID and a thingy of Clorox wipes later, they are all gone.  They scattered from the sill around the tub into the shower but they have been sprayed AND sent down the drain.

This morning, after calling the pest company (they'll be here Wed afternoon), I found an ant trail on the outside of the master bathroom.  Another can of RAID.  Sprayed the crape myrtle near the fence as well.  I do not like ants.  Neither do the cats.

I wonder what will happen when I sell the house and give the reason for moving as 'the neighbor next door'.  She really is nice, she just wants a forest in the middle of the city.  If I say anything, the batteries in the sprinkler control box are always to blame.......

I've had the sprinkler on once so far this year.  And only because  the ground was dry enough to crack and the wind was making it worse.  Other than the tomato plant and herbs (in baskets), I haven't really watered much so far because it is SPRING not the middle of summer and watering every day is a waste.

Things to be thankful for:
    they weren't fire ants (they were all over my hands and not a single sting - just that awful creepy crawly sensation),
    they weren't termites (a friend just posted on Facebook that he woke up to a swarm of termites this morning),
    an extra can of RAID ant spray is always useful

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marshall Grains in Grapevine

Friday I trekked out to Marshall Grains in Grapevine - about 45 minutes from here.  Traffic wasn't bad at all but the building sits at the edge of 2 highways and it is hard to spot.  Finally figured out where the entrance was located - going fast means you miss the entrance!

What a wonderful store.  They had so many plants.  Several that I drooled over (Eve's Necklace, Fringe, Bird of Paradise).  Got some plants but no trees.

My Bird of Paradise is slow to leaf out so I wasn't sure if it made it through the winter or not - it wasn't the cold I was worried about since that wasn't much of a problem but all the snow!  It is doing fine and I've since discovered that it grows well even further north.  I guess I just forget it is slow to leaf in the spring.   I sure do like it.  Next yard, I'll plan the ornamental trees a little better.

Itching to plant some plants near the fence but I'm waiting until the fence is stained and sealed.   I like the fence and the work they did installing new pickets between the old pickets of the shadowbox fence.  I sure hope it helps with the overwatering from next door.  I know water will still come in as their soil is so drenched but at least the water coming through the fence will stop.  Hopefully, the mosquitos will leave as well - I found some mosquito pellets that I will sprinkle on top of the mulch after they stain and seal the fence.

Allen Recycle Day

Today was the Allen recycle and trash day.  The lines were longer this year but they went fast.  I went to both sites in less than 45 minutes.  Lots of volunteers and city workers scattered throughout the lines so that made it nice.  There were lots of really nice people.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Confused Cats

Oh yes, the cats are confused.  They just stare at the fence.   It took a while for them to get used to it but when we went out for a bit this afternoon, there were birds to distract them.  We weren't out long as Millie got irrated when Sam joined us on the covered swing and was pestering her with his tail.  LOL.   It will be better when the new cushions arrive as I only have 2 on there now and can't sit in the middle to separate them.   A rat or bird got into one of the cushions last fall for nesting/hibernating material.  The new ones should be here next week.

I spent the morning with the chain saw trimming the poor crape myrtle that is drowning from the water next door.  2 of the 4 trucks were rubbing against each other - enough that one was worn through to the middle so it came down.  With more light now and less water, hopefully it will recover soon.  And maybe the ants that were hiding in the rubbed out places will be able to live under the ground since they won't be drowning (darn it!).

The hard part is leaving the hanging baskets, bird houses and crosses away from the fence until they come back to stain and seal it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The new fence

The fence now has pickets on the outside so I can enjoy the shadowbox on the inside.  It looks nice and they did a really good job.  I was in the alley pulling weeds when I heard my neighbor come over and start asking the fence guys questions.  Not sure what she was asking - LOL - I did tell her there would be work done on 3 different days.  Cleaning / fence work / stain & seal.  And I will have the fence sealed every 3 years since she waters so much and I want the fence to last a long time.

Another thing, I'll be able to nap on the covered swing without being bothered by all the comings and goings in the alley.

But I wonder what the cats will think?  Both would look through the pickets but neither figured out how to jump it.  But Sam was getting close and he did try working his head through the broken picket (it's been replaced!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catching up is h-a-r-d to dooooo...

Worked in the yard since I haven't been able to do any gardening since last April.  Sore am I.

My brother made a quick trip from NW Arkansas on Saturday to see a friend of his.  His friend has had a few mini-strokes and isn't doing well.  After visiting with his friend, we caught up on happenings and then ran to Fry's before meeting my other brother and sister-in-law for a late dinner.  Sunday morning I followed him to Sherman where we picked up breakfast at Whataburger and then on to Moms in Denison.  He left around 10:30 Sunday morning and made it back just in time for the races to be cancelled due to the rain!

I'm having my fence redone - the neighbor on one side waters every day.  So if I water my foundation, then it floods.  So while I love the shadowbox fence, the fence company is coming in to add pickets to the outside of the fence - that way I still get the beauty of the shadowbox and she gets to see a regular fence.  The stain company came yesterday to clean and bleach the fence before the new pickets are added tomorrow.   Then they will be back in 2 weeks to stain and seal the fence.  Maybe then my plants will quit drowning and the mosquitos won't be so bad this summer.

She's looking for a job as well.  Her oldest daughter is in her first year at college and the youngest daughter graduates high school next year.  We're in the same field so will be comparing a few things.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Great Weekend

Saturday was plant hunt day.  Drove to Denton to see their Redbud Festival searching for an Eve's Necklace tree but they were all gone.  It must have opened early as I was there about 15 minutes before opening time and it was already crowded and people lined up with plants.  Nice festival though, bought a few native plants and some pretty glass garden ornaments.

Also ran over to Dad's to help him with his new microwave - he is so impatient and was mad because it didn't work the same as the one he had for 10 years before it broke.   He's having trouble getting around and his rememberer is starting to fail.

Sunday was work in the back yard.  Used the chain saw ( it's electric and qualifies as light gardening right?) to remove a dying double Rose of Sharon.  Sure hated to get rid of it but it was time for it to go.  Removed some of the spreading flowers underneath it.  The ground was really really dry - more so than the rest of the yard.  Ran the sprinkler for the first time yesterday so I was surprised.  The sprinkler is running again today since the the ground all around the house has cracks from being dry.

Cleaned the patio and furniture again - the pollen is really heavy this year and is lasting for-ever!  I let the kitties come out for a bit (after the chain saw was put up and stored).  They actually came out twice but didn't stay long the second time as there was a dog fight next door and it spooked them.  They were still as stone during the fight and ran to the back door as soon as it was over - we couldn't see it of course.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Friends - what a wonderful thing to have in your life.

Lunch with a friend, dinner with a another friend and lunch tomorrow with more friends. And thats after a great lunch a day before yesterday with another group of friends.  

All have watched and walked me through turmoil at work, then being laid off, then the Great Scooter Accidents of 2009 and the resulting recoveries.  When I couldn't drive or the weather was too bad for me to attempt to drive, they maintained conversations via email, IM and FB.  So to see so many different friends in the same week is fantastic for me.

now if I could just get a job......

Monday, April 05, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

Easter weather was very nice this year.  What a wonderful holiday.  It's my favorite holiday.   There's a small white easter tree in the entry way - while none of the decorations are religous, the holiday for me is.

On Sunday, we went to my mom's in Denison.  Did some work around the yard - well, I did what I could with 1 shoulder.   Sure were  a lot of weeds.   Her new Desert Willow survived though - I was surprised with the harsh winter we had (well for us it was harsh).

I planted an upside down tomato planter today.  It is very heavy.  Sure hope it works.  I found my bird netting to use later.  Getting that scooter out of the garage means that I'm finding all the stuff in the cabinets that I forgot I had.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Good News Bad News
The good news is that my arm is doing really great and the surgeon was impressed with the movement and strength.  ( I was embarrased at the lack of strength)

The bad news is that the elbow still hurts (but that's a side effect of the newly added weight training at physical therapy and moving the silly thing after being in a sling for so darn long - remember, the shattered elbow was replaced last April, then the Great Scooter Oops in Sept).  And that I still can't do anything with the shoulder ... well, not anything but almost.  I can't start rifle shooting lessons, go kayacing or heavy gardening (like using the shovel and moving the heavy stuff) yet.

The surgeon suggested walking - hahaha I go to sleep when walking around the block.  He was glad to hear that the scooter isn't around any more.

And when I called to cancel the insurance on the scooter yesterday, the agent mentioned something about it being a death trap.   LOL