About Me

Just In Case You Want to Know More About Me: 

Drools over motorcycles and motorscooters.  Yes, motorscooter as in the kind that are street & freeway legal.   2 accidents and a sometimes useless left arm keep me drooling. Practicing steering the trike (not motorized) for now and that seems impossible but it shall be conquered.

A vintage travel trailer is the next challenge on my list.

Things That Drive Me Nuts - Or Maybe I Shouldn't Be Telling You This.....

Drivers that don't/won't slow down for the elderly or people using walkers or wheelchairs.

Cars without turn signal blinkers - Since when did these become an option on cars?  Given the few in use, they must be a really really expensive option.

Smacking gum like a horse - with apologies to the horse - it doesn't know better.

Fingernail clipping in public - and that goes with eating with your mouth open.

Drivers on cell phones that just stop in the middle of he road to chat... or weave all over the lines because they are SOOO important and can't pull over to talk.

really... I'm not as cranky as the list sounds

Texas Native Code: "I'll be as hearty of mind as I am of body. I'll be a straight shooter and a square dealer. My family name will be sacred and my word will be as good as any contract. I'll remember the Alamo. I'll stick by my friends and I'll eat more chicken fried steak." Author Unknown but Frost Bank used it in a TV ad


I'm an only child.... except for my sister, my 2 brothers, and my 'other' brother that I haven't met yet (lol it's my friends SO - they made made me his sister due to our multiple motorscooter challenges)

I have 2 four-legged children.  Millie and Sam.  They have their own blog - yes, they are very special kitties.