Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tale of the Red Lopster 2/16/2011

I had to run up to Mom's in Denison on Wednesday - well, drive not run to be exact.  My leaf scoopers disappeared and the front yard needed some more leaf disposal before the the yard people came to spray the weed killer.  So we went to find her a clock  (found it, got another shelf for pictures and a few other odds and ends) in Sherman. And you know that of course, they came before I got home from Mom's.

And then we stopped at Red Lobster.  When I try to check in using FourSquare, it shows up as Red Lopster (hey, remember this is Sherman and they are a tad slow coming to terms with the modern age).  So of all times, FB friends notice it and comment.  Now I've checked in their several times before with the now infamous Red Lopster but it must have been a s-l-o-w FB day!   Silly friends - as if I would ever do that to them LOL.

Red Lobster (sigh - I keep typing Lopster now) has some new lunch specials so I got the shrimp flat bread with a shrimp salad.  It was soooo good.  The flatbread is like an oblong version of their lopster pizza.  It was good.  Mom got fried shrimp and she took some home for later - along with a second order of the rolls.  Their rolls are so good.
Oh the Sun is Out and Shining It's Little Heart Out (Feb 12 2011)

Which means the snow and ice are melting big time!  YIPPEEEE!  All the ice and snow were still in the driveway but I slid out just fine.  Looked like only 1 person had been down the alley in the past few days though.  But when I turned out of the alley.... there it was.... a street with just some ice and snow.  Lots of slush but you could see the street!  Yea.

Then the next street was almost clean and the big street was fine- plenty of water by the side but at least it was recognizable as a street.  LOL.   By then, the heater in the car was going strong enough I wanted to take off my coat.

I drove on down to Chuy's, waited on a friend (she was late because of the clocks that needed to be reset due to the rolling blackouts) and had wonderful nachos and jalapeno dip.  Oh my.  was it ever good.  The sun was wonderful, the parking lot was mostly clear although I must say that the entrance was really slick and icy from being in the shade.  My  cabin fever was abated as was seeing real honest-to-goodness humans.

Stopped and got a little gas (it was all they had) and decided to come home.  The grocery store parking lots were so full that people were driving around hunting parking spots.  And since they were bound to be a little on the cranky side (hey, 4 days stranded even at home is bad, but people with kids had a whopping case of cabin fever) so I went home.  Safely.  And the cats even came out to greet me!  Yea.

Friday, February 04, 2011


Oh wait, aren't the birds supposed to fly south?  Well they obviously didn't fly far enough south.  One flew into the living room window.  It must be ok because I saw it fly back out.  There are some bird houses in the yard but not that many and they don't have access to water until the snow and ice start thawing.  I never dreamed I needed a bird bath heater!

This is the ICE before the snow.  About 1.5" thick.
I'm tired of sitting.  It's strange that it's ok when you don't get out when you know you can get out safely.  And then ice and snow and more ice keep you stranded in the house.  And the cats are getting cabin fever big time.  For some reason, they won't talk to me as they are too busy napping the storm away.

And the news.  Oh my goodness, just how many times can they repeat the same thing?  Apparently several hundred times and they even have 'special weather news programs' that take over normal programming and they are just repeating what they've already said a hundred times.  Can't they use the bottom part of the screen to annoy us like they do most of the time?  And the news guy that worried that Jerry Jones must be pulling out his hair??? Well, first of all, I don't care what Jerry Jones thinks period.  Second, what about all the people that don't get paid when they don't work?  And the poor utility workers that are working crazy hours in really bad weather?  And the Meals on Wheels recipients that can't get their food? And he's worried about Jerry Jones' hair?   What a gooberhead - and yes I don't watch that station any more.


There's such a thick layer of ice on the driveway.  I'm afraid to try to get out just yet.  Not that I need to, I just WANT to get out.
This is why I NEED to get out - Chuy's nachos