Friday, October 06, 2006

It is still hot. We had a little cool spell - enough to make me forget to water my hanging baskets that I've been nursing all summer - they are toast! My water bill keeps going up as I try to keep the foundation watered and our idiots at the city claim we aren't conserving enough- I used to be able to run the sprinkler 5 minutes around the house every day and it was fine - now it takes about an hour every day and of course I'm using more water overall. Gooberheads.

I just got in from chasing Sam (the cat) outside. He is an indoor cat and he escaped when I went outside to get something. Of course it was dark outside and he is dark too. Ever tried to get a cat in the dark with treats and a flashlight especially when he wants to run, run run? I only caught him because he got tired so quickly. He really should be outdoors where he can run some. My other cat, Millie (the white one of course) was mad at him for getting out and she kept hollering for him to get his butt in the house. I hope the neighbors were not home for this bit of excitement that I didn't need.

I may or may not have mentioned before, but I like to leave the ugly plastic flamingoes in my brothers' yards. Now that the youngest brother is in Arkansas, it is a little more difficult to get his yard decorated but it gets done. My other brother, on the other hand, lives nearby and has 2 acres so the front yard is nice and big.

One time when my niece came home from college, I put a whole bunch in their front yard - her room is on the second floor where she could see them. At Christmas one year, I got up early, lined their driveway with flamingos that had woolen scarves around their necks so they wouldn't get cold. One of her boyfriends came home with her for Christmas that time. that was funny. I can't always get good pictures because it is dark when I do it.

Sometimes I leave things around April Fool's day and sometimes not. I don't want my brother to expect anything at anytime. And of course, there is Halloween. I try to leave some things there too.

Payback is soooo sweet for all the trouble they gave me through the years. Well, mostly the brother that lives nearby since the youngest brother is 15 years younger than I am.

But that is another story. For some reason, my siblings keep aging and have passed me by. I was born first but I am much younger then they all are now.