Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grumble Grumble

Old man winter came back.


If you can't say something nice, then say nothing at all. 

nothing to say today then,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kicked that Old Man Winter Out of the Way!

Yes, I know it is still February.

Yes, it can still freeze until late March or early April.

But by golly, it is f.i.n.a.l.l.y warm here.  Warm enough that I swear it was in the 60's more than once last week as I ran from the car to the train.  A.n.d better yet, if I wore my coat (yes, the other mornings were still in the low 30's), I didn't need it when I got off the train. 

Boy do I ever have spring fever.

Even made a run to 2 garden centers this morning, plotting and planning.

It's about time old man winter went away.  Don't come back for at least 5 years!  No more icy roads and frozen garden.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Winter Wimp

I know.  I haven't been here in a while but really, it IS the weather's fault. 

It's either been freezing cold or nice and warm outside!  No in between - just 30-40 degree swings back and forth and then back again. 

I see signs of spring in the garden and then when I go out again, those signs are frozen.  Glad I don't have fruit trees at this time of year.  We've already had our ice storm for the season - way back at the beginning of December.  So the though of the impending one strikes fear in my heart and toes.

Yes, you read that right .... toes.   I detest cold toes.  I don't like to wear shoes and socks.  The building maintenance people removed my little heater that I used to protect my toes.  So now I keep my fur lined boots at work to warm my toes.

Hmmm.  It just occurred to me that the only boots I have are for winter.  I'm a native Texan and I don't own cowboy boots.  Can you tell it's Stock Show time?

My new great niece went to the Stock show yesterday with her new grandparents.  My sister sent pictures of Maddie on a long horn steer yesterday.  

So no pictures.  It's too cold for cameras.  Yes, this winter wimp doesn't like it when the high for the day is at 5:30 am.  That's just downright wrong!