Monday, December 28, 2015

Tornadoes and Storms

Oh my goodness!
First it was hot (as in shorts and sandals.)
Then it stormed and stormed and stormed some more.
Then it flooded in some areas.
Then there were snow flurries in the area this morning.

And all that in one weekend.  here.  at home.  yep North Texas

I know of several friends and co-workers that were impacted by the tornadoes. I suspect that once more people return to work after the first of the year, we'll hear of more co-workers with tornado impact. As it was, several people at work were very close to the tornadoes. 

These came at night on the day after Christmas when everyone was out and about having fun and just being with family. Unless someone was actually in front of a tv or weather watching, the timing was such that it was a surprise. And it was dark so it was hard to see in the dark until something exploded and the tornado appeared. 

I like to make fun of the weather guessers so usually don't pay a lot of close attention other than around my house. However, on Saturday, I was stuffed, tired and following the kitties advice of napping all day. 

So that means napping with the tv on. So I saw when the first one was suspected of being on the ground south of us. that meant a long 30-40 minute wait for it to arrive. It's weird that this one and the prior one (the one at Thanksgiving) actually came in waves. So that made it seem never-ending.

Glad my family is safe.

Prayers for those who lost family and their homes. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Good 'ol Texas Weather

wow, tornadoes, floods, snow, hail and 80 degrees in north Texas!

Hearing of friends families impacted in the storms. Will hear of more later and some tomorrow as I go back to work.  

How frightning it must have been for those people caught unaware in the dark.

The storms seem to come in waves and another one is hitting my house now.  Sure glad I have battery candles so I din't have to worry about light if the electricity goes out. 

Prayers for everyone on the way.

Hope you had a safe and merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

May your day be joyful and happy with good thoughts of those not here.

Have some fun today and enjoy life.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Season Woes

I love the holidays. Any holiday will do.  
However, at this time of year, a few things really grate on my nerves. 

Many years ago, I started doing all Christmas shopping by the end of October. Why? Because I got tired of rude, sick people out and about and driving as though they had never driven before. At the mall, there were more tired, whiney, screaming, crying kids (hey, I do not blame the kids) with their poor little arms being ripped out (ok, slight exaggeration) and being yelled out or swatted.  I just couldn't enjoy it any more. 

On Monday, I shared this on Facebook:   
If any of you Allen TX locals know the blonde driving this car: 
1) she's part of the reason I don't like getting out this time of year
2) the safety of children in your vehicle should be your primary concern
3) turned directly in front of me after I am midway in a turn because you are speeding is dangerous - you put my life in danger as well as the children in your car
4) speeding didn't get you the next light any faster because I was able to catch up with you at the light and sit behind you for at least a minute. Watched you trying to turn around, wave your hands and throw your fist at the child in the front seat.  You weren't on the way to a hospital or dr's office since you parked on my street.
5) If you are going to have personalized plates, you should probably remember that we won't forget them

I know that it gets frustrating. However, the people (adults or children) in your vehicle are pretty important. So are the other drivers. I'm tired of the families of those killed by other drivers having to suffer because you were in a hurry.