Thursday, December 29, 2011

Afterwards.... there was such napping and playing of games

Wonderful Christmas.  Being with family is great.  BIL didn't make it as he was sick - turns out he has a sinus infection.

But we had a good time.  Then I came home to Christmas with the kitties - I'm not sure why they get Christmas gifts since they get gifts all year - and a nap.  The kitties like the toy they received from their cousin Jack.  I hear them attack the bird (it makes bird sounds) but they don't do it when I'm in the room and camera ready!

I got a lovely GPS with lifetime maps so I can't get lost when we go hunting cemeteries and towns that don't exist anymore (yes there is a story or 2).  I changed the voice to Dr Nightmare and was testing him out on the way home from taking Mom back to her house.  Dr Nightmare says crazy things randomly like 'Did you check in the back seat?' or 'What's in the trunk?'.  Then I stood in line for an hour to pay for a case for it, I can't believe I did that because if it isn't an Apple product, I just don't stand in line for anything - well, maybe a restroom!
Mom even got in the Stupid Zombie action!!
Oh and I'm already in trouble for next year.  All I did yesterday was mention that playing Stupid Zombie cracks me up and makes me laugh.  I don't know why but it does.  So when I go over to my brothers house the day after Christmas, my niece and sister-in-law both announce that I'm in sooo much trouble because my brother and nephew-in-law won't stop playing the game.  I, of course, insist they are greatly mistaken because .. well, just because.

And the lighted flamingos still haven't been noticed.....

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas Cactus.....





How did she sneak in here?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa - Define Good

It's Christmas Eve Eve.  It's almost here.  White Fruitcake Cake with Fruit (that's what I tell my family or they will turn up their noses) is baked with cheer.  Fudge is made and I hear tell that it is mighty good (modified recipe from 'Happier Than a Pig in Mud').  And I even made some white chocolate spoons for cocoa and coffee. I may even try one in tea.... hot tea not cold.

Here's a little Texas tree that I got this year for fun.  My Yankee friends are jealous. 
 And isn't this a cute little thing?  I love the kitty mom with her kitty baby next to it.  
I'm guessing that it is too late to pay attention to this sign.  I leave it up all year as a reminder.  I try... that counts doesn't it?  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guns and Hamburgers and Fries - Oh My Goodness

On Saturday, a friend and I went to Fort Worth (where the West begins - the city slogan - yes I know because I was born and bred there).  Anyway - to continue the story - We went to the Gun Show because I wanted to look at some bullet necklaces.  Yes you read that correctly.

Now isn't that cute?  I want to get the one with 3 bullets with red glamour in the middle next. These are from Diva Sleeves.  I also ordered a Diva tshirt.  DivaWow is a female organization for Divas - Women Outdoors.  I am a member but I need to work on the glamorous part!  Yes.I.said.Glamorous.  Here's the link >

I saw a pink Sig Sauer Mosquito that is next on my list - maybe that should be the CHL graduation gift to myself? I'm picky about the pink and have the pink/brown combination of bags and stuff.  I think I can get the pink grips to put on my Beretta Neos.  Both are 22's.

I did buy a stun gun.  Why you ask?  I don't know.  Yes they are legal in Texas but it is against the law to take or attempt to take one away from a policeman - that makes sense to me since those stun guns are STRONG.  How do I know?  My nephew is on the Fort Worth Police force and he was stunned twice in training - the 2nd time he volunteered. 

 Next we went to lunch.  Fred's Texas Cafe was the destination.  Guy Fieri and the Triple D show have been there.

We had to wait and wait some more.  It sure is a tiny place even though it has an outdoor area.  We eventually were seated in the little cubby by the bread (oh Mrs Baird's bread still smells sooo good) and the restrooms.  And then we waited some more - to be fair they were still really crowded.  And then the cheeseburger and fries came out.  Oh. My. Goodness.   Fries are cut daily.  They are the fries I've loved since I was a little 'un.  Oh I am getting hungry just thinking about them. The meat was the best! ohhhh I wanna go back. Um sorry but no pictures of the food as once it arrived I concentrated on pure enjoyment.

That's all folks!  See ya next time....until then... have a nice week before Christmas!