Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time Flies ... Again

I just looked and realized I hadn't posted in a whole month?  I have no idea where time flies to but it goes by quickly.   Work Home Work Home Play Work Home Work Home.......then repeat again....

We have some much needed rain.  In fact, I just got my water bill and for some reason, my water use for July and August were half as much as the same time frame last year.  Not sure how that happened but I'm not going to worry about it.  Especially since I had several plumbing issues - leaky tub faucet, broken sprinkler part etc.. 

 But we had rain earlier in the week - enough that downtown Dallas had flooding in a parking garage basement.  Flooded a few streets but not homes.

It has been so dry that when my knee isn't hurting, I've been pulling some weeds (a few at a time) because it was so dry that the roots came out easily.  I've never had that happen before.
 Here's the little Japanese maple tree.   It's not supposed to get taller than 4" and it had better not!  The Oleander trees are off to the upper left side.  Now that Oleander is getting out of hand again.  Some of the smaller limbs were cut back but it really needs a good haircut.  It gets a haircut every few years because there is a bald cypress tree on the neighbors side and the Oleander doesn't get enough direct sun.  

Here's the critter that almost gave me a heart attack!  Really!   I was sitting on the couch and I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye.  I look and didn't really see anything, And then it moved again!  It was a little cute rabbit.  I thought they had all gone but apparently they still come in to the back yard for a nibble or snack.  Now I now why the kitties would go to the back door asking to be let outside.  Well, fortunately for the rabbit, we don't go outside very much because it is so hot and I have mosquitoes.  Not sure why I have mosquitoes since I use enough of the Dunks every where. I even break them up and put them in the alley when I see standing water from the neighbors sprinkler systems (mine does it some when it works too).

Oh well.  Take care of yourselves and try to stay out of trouble!   

pssst  TRY - it may work someday