Sunday, April 23, 2017

Time flies when not at work!

Oh my, how time flies when you are on vacation. 

A visitor - one that I keep hoping Sam doesn't catch

Sam and I didn't do much, rearranged the office, installed some lights, planted, spring yard maintenance, went UFO hunting, and took a few naps. 

My sister and I went out to Aurora TX where in 1897 a UFO ran into a little engine trouble and smacked into the area judge's windmill. The alien was given a Christian burial in the local Aurora cemetery. The gravestone was stolen when the media ran a story (not surprising) so the grave is unmarked. Hint: it's somewhere around the other 1890 gravestones. It's a pretty cemetery, there were lots of little purple wildflowers blooming and a few patches of bluebonnets. This cemetery is still using upright headstones along with the usual ground ones. It has some trees and is a nice county cemetery.   

I blamed my red feet on the UFO instead of the wind and sun burn.
Jack - my sister's dog - figured you didn't want to see my burned feet!

I could have gone to Scotland and Ireland for all I spent this week. A few new blue planters and a bazillion plants. 

I'm trying to get an estimate to add some brick (or concrete) to the little patio that my nephew and I built after I moved in here a few  years ago.  Just a few. As in about 17 years ago - see? time really does fly.

Sam got sick yesterday. He is going to have to go to the vet. I keep saying he is 10 years old but I think I've been saying that for a few years. 

Have a good week.


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